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16th April 2014 - Petrol price down by 70 paise!

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Q) I want to know- How much I will be spending on Petrol/Diesel/CNG with the recent fuel price Change?

Q) I am planning a trip to Mahabaleshwar from Mumbai / I am planning a family outing to Shimla from Delhi. How much I will be spending on Petrol/Diesel/CNG?

Q) With the increasing fuel price, how much should I allocate for my Petrol/Diesel/CNG expenses this month/year?

A) is a FREE service that answers all the above questions! also gives you a detailed exact route map of your daily office travel or weekend family trip. With the fuel prices changing very frequently is the tool to use to quickly re-estimate your budget and expenses. You can also change the default-route to your regular-route or different-route to avoid traffic, pick a friend in between, car pool, stop by for some shopping, etc. also gives latest fuel prices in India, including Petrol Price in India, Diesel Price in India, CNG Price in India, AutoGas / Auto Lpg Price in India. You can also contribute fuel prices at your location by sending an email at

We have also collected historical data for fuel prices changes in India and you can check our Fuel Hike Charts.

*Note that we only provide an approximate ESTIMATE, although the accuracy of our fuel calculations tends to be very high!

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