16 May 2017 - Petrol down Rs 2.16! Diesel down Rs 2.10!

Diesel Price Hike Chart

Delhi Diesel Price Hike Chart

Mumbai Diesel Price Hike Chart

Historical Diesel Price chart India

We have collected historical Diesel prices in India since the year 2002. We cover all the metro cities in India and have created a graph for each city - Delhi Diesel price hike chart, kolkata Diesel price hike chart, Mumbai Diesel price hike chart and Chennai Diesel price hike chart. We hope that the graphs privide an insight on the Diesel price increase.

Kolkata Diesel Price Hike Chart

Chennai Diesel Price Hike Chart

We are trying to include Diesel prices in more cities. If you have information on historical Diesel prices of your City, please feel free to drop a mail to myDieselprice@myDieselprice.com .